Why Should You Use a Virtual Assistant?

More and more businesses are making the decision to engage a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Assistant Company to take care of their Administrative support and other functions.

In some cases the businesses choose to work with the Virtual Assistant for all of their needs, whereas in other cases they are only engaged for Specific Projects. Whatever the reason and for whatever tasks they are engaged for, quite simply, they provide the Support that is needed, when it is needed, freeing up the Business Owner, Director and other staff to concentrate on growing the business and utilising their talents in the way that the business requires.


What ever the reason, there is no doubt that in these times where every penny counts, the Virtual Assistant is a cost effective solution to employing regular staff to carry out the various Admin, PA, Accounting and other basic services.

A good Virtual Assistant Service will offer a flexible, efficient, administrative service where you only pay for the time that they are engaged on your tasks.

The benefits of using a Virtual Assistant Company as opposed to a stand alone Virtual Assistant is quite simply they are always available when you need them; if you engage a sole VA, then they will need time off, have personal commitments, while a Company has various resources that will always be available to support and assist you.

Swamped with Paperwork?

Whether the business is a start-up, downsizing or going through a period of growth, and no matter what sector they are working in there is always the need for processes to ensure they are compliant and many small business owners find that they are swamped with paperwork often spending hours working on accounts, arranging travel, events and meetings, preparing paperwork and generally ensuring that they are on top of all of the figures and expenditure so that the business survives. This can take a massive toll on the general health and well being of the individual, not to mention their personal relationships as a business grows, the need to keep on top of all of these tasks also grows.

Cost Benefits

When an employee is hired in the traditional manner, the business has to be prepared to fund: –

  • Fixed Salary (including the Employer Tax and NI payments)
  • Employee Benefits
  • Office Space and Equipment

In addition, the Employee will get paid on a fixed number of hours, but not all of these hours will be productive as they will need to: –

  • Take “comfort” breaks
  • Use time on social interactions with other members of staff
  • Include time on setting up tasks and equipment

By using a Virtual Assistant Service, the business will only need to pay for the time that is incurred working on their tasks, with the added benefit that they use their own resources – office space, heating, lighting and equipment, so there is no doubt that this will prove to be more cost effective to the business and also have a beneficial effect on the bottom line profits.

What are you waiting for?

So, if you have tasks that are piling up, take a back step and look at what could actually be dealt with remotely – do you really need to spend hours sorting out your expenses receipts, preparing paperwork, creating presentation, making travel arrangements, organising events and keeping your accounts updated?  If the answer to this is no – then it’s time you started looking at finding the right Virtual Assistant Service to keep you up to date and working efficiently.


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