Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child

I felt so proud – being part of this awe inspiring Conference last week, the brain child of Laura Henry, bringing together such important Keynote Speakers and also the scope of the Workshops that the Early Years Practitioners, Consultants and Trainers could enrol in. 

Laura kept quite a downbeat performance at the Conference, just getting up a few times to speak, but this is very typical of her – she is an inspirational, warm person and has such dedication and passion for her industry – she appears approachable and warm, which she is.  This event was typical and topical of her, all that attended were impressed and came away with the conviction that they had been part of something important, including me, and it was – important. This is a subject that cannot be hidden any longer, the professionals that work with children need to be aware, mindful and have the skills to deal with the children involved. 

The Keynote Presentations were impressive, some emotional and all of them delivered with such passion and conviction, the stories they revealed, the engagement with the audience, all of those people there had one common aim – to keep our children safe, to help prevent future tragedies, to educate others in recognising the signs of children who are abused and how to deal with it and prevent further traumas. They were all from different backgrounds but with a common aim – protecting and safeguarding children, dealing with affected children, making the world a better place. The Panel (question and answer session) at the end of the Conference was just as emotive, once the floor was opened up to the delegates. 

This was further demonstrated when I was typing up the “Reflections” that the Delegates left at the Conference on Laura’s Reflection Tree – all who left their thoughts were united in the thought how empowering, inspirational, important and also how this conversation cannot stop here. 


It is rare that you find an industry that is so united and dedicated in the way that Early Years are, and it made me think seriously about my future role and the role of Virtual Support UK Ltd. This passion and subject has fired me – I know that the support we provide to all of our clients is important – but I just want to make a difference to – to be part of something that helps the world. Being a fairly new grandmother, I see how important this issue is, I have a great relationship with my girls and now have some hints and tips from the experts in communication with them. 

I am now busy planning with Laura for her next Conference, and it is shaping up already to be bigger and better than this year – I just feel so priveleged to be just a small part of this world and to support and work with such an amazing lady who has the vision and foresight to always know how to hit the spot and be current in her chosen industry. 

For more details on Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child 2016 including the Speakers, their Keynotes, the workshops, plus also the delegate reflections and images for the day, please feel free to view Laura’s website and the special pages that I have set up to celebrate this event. 

Details of the 2017 Conference are also available. 

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